Vision, Mission and Objectives

  • Our vision is for the Centre to deliver drug candidates for clinical
  • A Drug Discovery Centre whose activities mirror those of a start up
    biotechnology or a pharmaceutical company.
  • Involved in partnerships that allow the Centre to harness the synergies
    obtained from working on multiple disease areas.
  • Africa’s first integrated drug discovery and development centre.

The Centre aims to bridge the gap between basic and clinical studies,
training a new generation of African scientists with key skills required for
drug discovery and development – integrating medicinal chemistry, biology,
pharmacology as well as drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) studies
as reflected in the processes of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and
Excretion (ADME). H3-D also focuses on beneficiation of clinically used
drugs, including generic medicines. Drug beneficiation, amongst other
things, involves selection of the optimum form of a solid drug candidate for
pharmaceutical development and (re)formulation.